Concentrate on your projects, we take care of the hardware, setup and regular updates. Your server is hosted virtually in our highly secure data center in Nuremberg. Redundant internet connection ensures perfect availability. The constant expansion of the most modern hardware means that you are always up to date. High initial investments are a thing of the past.

    • Secure & Compliant

      AES encrypted connection to your locations. Incoming and outgoing connections are automatically scanned for malware. Virtual separation of the networks of all customers. Access control to the data center. Compliance with all legal regulations by our in-house Chief Information Security officer and Data Protection Officer.

    • Load Balancing

      Your virtual IT landscape is split over several servers (clustering). If hardware fails, your servers are automatically moved to the next available server - your server remains permanently available.

    • Scalable

      No matter how your business grows, our servers grow with it. Book the service you need now on a modular basis.

    • Full control of costs

      No high initial investments. State of the art certified data center hardware at precisely calculable prices. Relieve your internal IT.

    • 100% Green Energy

      All hardware is powered by 100% green Energy from renewable sources.

    • Redundant connection

      Data center, server and switches are connected redundantly. Achieve transfer speeds of up to 25 Gbit/s.

    • Perfect combination

      All INGOS Cyber Cloud products can be combined perfectly with each other.


    protects your data in physical, virtual and cloud environments. BACKUPSTATION is an online backup service with which you can conveniently backup and restore your sensitive data regardless of location.

    • Encrypted

      AES256 encryption of the backups as well as permanently encrypted connection to the backup console.

    • Versioned

      Restore possible over an adjustable period of time.

    • Automatic

      Stop worrying about forgotten or malfunctioning backups.

    • Platform independent

      Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware, websites, Office 365 - a total of 21 platforms are supported.

    • Online & Offline

      Protection against physical influences (fire, lightning, etc.) through location-independent security. Local backup is also possible.

    • Active Protection

      A powerful protection technology against malware through pattern recognition.


    helps you to identify risks at an early stage. HSTA (hardware and software analysis) is a monitoring and remote management tool.

    • Early Alert System

      Preventive monitoring and detection of suspicious developments in your environment. Use monitoring as a preventive measure to avoid an imbalance.

    • Compliance

      Avoid personal liability by using HSTA as part of your risk management. Operating a risk management system is the duty of any businessman.

    • Simple Troubleshooting

      Errors can be identified quickly, effectively and focused.

    • Platform independent

      Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware, websites, applications. Monitor your critical application.

    • Business Continuity

      Take precautions to ensure that operational processes can continue in case of damage.

    • Full Control

      Accelerate your IT with HSTA using patch management, remote management and automation.


    sends, synchronizes e-mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, reminders, notes and much more

    • E-Mail

      Secure e-mail using SSL encryption and S / MIME

    • Synchronized

      You are always up to date, regardless of the device

    • Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

      Protects you from the receipt of malicious mail with server-side protection

    • Cross-platform

      Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry or Web? No problem!

    • More Services

      All in one: email, contacts, calendar, tasks, reminders, notes and chat. Optional: answering machine and fax

    • Remote Wipe

      Devices can be wiped remotely to protect data from malicious attacks or disclosure


    archives your e-mails in a legally secure manner in your mailbox before they are delivered. Use quick search functions and the independent recovery of lost messages in your mailbox.

    • Resource-friendly

      Reduce your mailbox size to a minimum

    • Quick Search

      Fast search access to all emails and attachments increases productivity

    • Restore

      Simplification of backup and restore processes. You can restore the data you want on your own without any help

    • Integration

      Einfache Integration in Outlook. Zugriff von mobilen Geräten via IMAPS oder Webbrowser

    • Compliance

      Any correspondence that prepares, processes and concludes / reverses a transaction must be archived for a period of 6 to 10 years

    • No data manipulation

      Protects against change, manipulation and deliberate deletion of data. You always keep the original file in the archive


    offers simple web hosting, DNS administration and domain management.

    • Webspace

      Easy provision of your website

    • E-Mail

      Standard email accounts (POP3S, IMAPS)

    • DNS control

      You have full DNS control: A, C name, name server, MX, SPF, TEXT entries

    • Dynamic DNS

      Use your own DynDNS service in compliance with GDPR

    • Database

      MySQL Datenbank included.

    • HTTPS

      Free LetsEncrypt certificates


    enables legally compliant file sharing with all common devices and web browsers.

    • Easy file transfer

      Share data via the web interface. You can include files as links in your email

    • Synchronized

      You are always up to date, no matter who is editing the file

    • Versioned

      You can restore up to 7 versions of your file. Track changes.

    • Platform independent

      Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. You can also edit Office files on the go - without having to install Office.

    • Notification

      You can be automatically informed about changes to the file

    • Safe transmission

      Replacement for FTP server. All files are transmitted encrypted.