INGOS (INGenieur Oswin Schulz) GmbH is a German company based in Hengersberg. For more than 25 years it has been our corporate goal to make optimal use of the latest technologies and to provide innovative services.

INGOS solves the problem between technological progress and efficient cost planning. To do this, we use our customer-oriented concept: The customer only pays for what he really needs: Safe, transparent, fair.

IT-Security & Data Protection

Success through technology and security - this principle is part of our corporate philosophy.

We use the latest technologies and provide innovative services for our customers and business partners. Wherever data is processed, we are committed to ensuring an appropriate level of security and complying with all applicable data protection laws. The basis for a trusting business relationship is the protection of personal rights and the privacy of each individual.

INGOS GmbH, as well as all affiliated companies (SCHUTZSCHILD GmbH, interconnectron GmbH) are obliged to comply with all data protection principles according to the European General Data Protection Regulation, the new Federal Data Protection Act and the Telemedia / IT Security Act.

A certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO TÜV) and a data protection officer / data protection auditor (DSB TÜV) have been appointed within the group of companies. This means that the necessary technical knowledge and years of expertise are available to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT systems, especially in the area of data centers, administration, virtualization and the provision of infrastructure-as-a service, and an appropriate one To ensure the level of protection.

Technical employees are specially certified in the area of software-based virtualization solutions and are recertified annually. Furthermore, all hardware, which is 100% owned by INGOS GmbH, with the help of which all services are made available to the customer, is located in an ISO 27001 (IT security) certified German data center in Bavaria (including CO2-neutral electricity).